Exoskeletons in our daily lives is a near future reality

Check out Michal Gloger's lecture on Exoskeletons for the near future and how they will influence our daily lives within a variety of areas, including people with mobility impairments.

02.10.2020 | Wojciech Purchla

Podcast: We've been working on a new exoskeleton for a year and a half.

Listen to a podcast on how difficult it is to develop an exoskeleton to help people and how fierce is the competition in this field. The founder of MEBSTER , Michal Gloger, speaks with Petr Schwank on the Buduj program.

02.10.2020 | Wojciech Purchla

Check out the article about MEBSTER published in Hospodářské Noviny

Hospodářské Noviny wrote about us today. You can find the link to the article by clicking on this post.

24.09.2020 | Jindřich Kuba

UNILEXA Home has its first owner

In a short segment from Czech Television, you will see the life story and reactions of the first owner of the exoskeleton UNILEXA Home.

24.09.2020 | Jindřich Kuba

MEBSTER on Moravian-Silesian Regional Television Polar

Check out the latest report segment with MEBSTER founder Michal Gloger on Polar regional television.

24.09.2020 | Jindřich Kuba
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