Comming soon: Launch of MEBSTERS Resource Center

Comming soon: Launch of MEBSTERS Resource Center

Get ready to explore our new upcoming Resource Centre, where you will find interesting videos about our products, user stories, access frequently asked questions and answers, and view our centres of excellence. 


We have selected the most important videos from our Youtube channel and placed them right at the beginning of our Resource Center. We encourage you to check out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel so that you don’t miss any new videos in the near future.


In this section, we will continuously share stories of people who have trained with UNILEXA PRIME exoskeleton or already have their own UNILEXA HOME and use it regularly. The first story is of Honza, who has tried UNILEXA PRIME several times in Prague. Come take a look at his first impressions of MEBSTER’s exoskeleton!


Here you will find supplementary materials to grasp the concepts and mechanisms of UNILEXA, including how to rehabilitate and progress effectively and maintain your UNILEXA device. 


The list of renown locations where you can train with UNILEXA is continuously growing. We strive to make UNILEXA available in as many cities as possible and to be accessible to all people who need it, while simultaneously growing the reputation of your clinic through supporting new medical technologies. 


We've found that certain questions are repeated over and over, so we've selected a few of your most frequently asked questions and listed them in this list. Do you have a question? Try to take a look at this section first. If you can’t find your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stay tuned for our Download Centre which will provide supplementary information for Professionals including instructional videos, user manuals, and more!

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