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What is UNILEXA?

UNILEXA is a modular exoskeleton platform solution with interchangeable parts that can be added and configured in different ways to suit a wider group of clients. It is an entirely passive mechanical approach, without actuators, sensors, or autonomous control systems. Instead, the system uses the body’s own small shifts in weight and a unique combination of gravity-driven and elastic mechanisms to assist walking, while supporting the user’s body weight. The core system uses a unilateral passive exoskeleton with locked knees and feet always level with the ground. This style of walking is stable in the anterior-posterior direction. In addition, a specialized medial link construction ensures high lateral stability. MEBSTER’s unique system of connected joints ensures more stable and efficient walking.

What’s the difference between UNILEXA PRIME and UNILEXA HOME?

UNILEXA PRIME is specifically designed for medical professionals in order to accommodate a large range of patient anthropometries based on its adjustable shin and thigh profiles. UNILEXA HOME is specifically configured for YOU, where profile lengths perfectly match your lower extremity parameters, alongside optional customizability ranging from the choice of color, shoe integrability, to premium material options.

What is UNILEXA’s maximum weight allowance?

UNILEXA accommodates patients under 110 kg. Note, the HOME version is able to accommodate additional ranges. For more information on children fit, contact us today.

What is UNILEXA’s height requirements?

UNILEXA accommodates patients between 160 - 190 cm. Note, the HOME version is able to accommodate additional ranges. For more information on children fit, contact us today.

How much does UNILEXA weigh?

UNILEXA weighs just under 8kg, making it easy to operate and transport.

Are there different color options?

Yes, contact us for more information.

Is the device customizable?

UNILEXA PRIME is an adjustable device with interchangeable fittings for a wide variety of user anthropometries for medical care providers including hospitals and rehabilitation centers. UNILEXA HOME is customized to optimally fit the specific user’s measures  which maximizes its comfort and efficiency. Additionally, to add your own personalized touch, UNILEXA HOME model has various color options available, personalized integrated shoe, and various premium materials based on your demands.

Walking and Usage

What does the rehab with UNILEXA PRIME entail?

Rehab with UNILEXA PRIME entails direct supervision and assistance with a medical professional, often a physiotherapist, that will process the user through various stages of a rehabilitation-specific program to prepare them for full independence and ultimately eligibility for UNILEXA HOME. This program will incorporate verticalization, weight transfer, balancing, assisted gait, and unassisted gait training.

What modalities can be used with the device?

Various walking aids are intended to integrate MEBSTER’S UNILEXA device. This includes parallel bars, walkers, and crutches.

Can the user put on (don/doff) UNILEXA exoskeleton by oneself without help?

Yes, once the user gets used to UNILEXA, it usually only takes few minutes to don/doff.

How long does it take to don/doff the device?

This is dependent on each user. On don/doff usually only takes few minutes.

Is it possible to climb stairs with UNILEXA?

Please, refrain from climbing stairs for safety. Our current UNILEXA model does not support stair climbing.

Is it possible for various patients/users/individuals to share one device?

Yes, but only version PRIME. UNILEXA PRIME is specifically designed around accommodating a large range of individual anthropometries based on its adjustable cages and cuffs, frame, and interchangeability of sized components.

What is the recommended time for using UNILEXA?

There is no restriction for time usage, but ensure you take appropriate breaks. In the early phases of using the device, progression is recommended.

How long does it take to learn to walk with  UNILEXA?

Depends on each individual, but many users grasp the mechanism within the first training session.

Can I wear it with something in my pocket?

Yes, but for ease of use and comfort we recommend having nothing in your pocket.

Can elderly people use UNILEXA?

Yes, as long as they do not meet any of the contraindications and have a physician's approval.

Is it possible to sit in a chair while wearing UNILEXA?

Yes, UNILEXA is designed to enable chairs, wheelchairs,  and even vehicle sitting.


Who can use UNILEXA?

Always consult a healthcare professional before using UNILEXA.

  • Primarily traumatic spinal cord injury 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury 
  • Tumors 
  • ICP patients polio and post-polio syndrome (see Fixed rate spasticity by MAS) 
  • Myopathy 
  • Spina bifida (MMC) 
  • Multiple sclerosis

Another unspecified cases users with partial or full paralysis or reduced function of the lower limbs only after the approval of a doctor.

Who can not use UNILEXA?

Always consult a healthcare professional before using UNILEXA. Special care needs to be taken in case of the following CONTRAINDICATIONS:

  • Spasticity (more than 2 according to MAS)
  • Pressure ulcers and pressure ulcers in places clamping device to the user's body 
  • Autonomic dysreflexia
  • Instability of the spine
  • Untreated deep venous thrombosis
  • Undertreated limbs or pelvic fracture
  • Advanced osteoporosis with deformities of the lower limbs
  • Complete Tetraplegia
  • Lack of ability to control the upper limbs by test ASIA grade 3 or less
  • Balance Disorders
  • Large mental disability
  • Severe vertigo
  • Heart problems
  • Heterotopic ossification
  • Orthostatic hypotension

Do I have to get trained to use UNILEXA?

Yes, supervised training is required when initially starting to use UNILEXA to prevent any injury.

Do I have to use UNILEXA PRIME before HOME?

Yes, we want to ensure that users are capable of operating and utilizing MEBSTER’S UNILEXA PRIME device under professional medical supervision before ordering a custom-made  UNILEXA HOME.

Is it required to have a second person present at all times when using UNILEXA?

UNILEXA PRIME is made for supervision as its main focus group is patients in rehabilitation and medical centers. Through progression, you will become eligible for UNILEXA HOME, which will not require a second person present but it is recommended in the early stages after obtaining the device.

Can I use the device outdoors?

UNILEXA is specifically designed to be used on flat surfaces, and therefore is recommended to be utilized indoors at all times to prevent injury or malfunction.

What is the warranty of the device?

Our warranty program covers any defects on exchangeable parts and repairs free of charge unless it is caused by wilful misconduct. Contact us (or distributor) today for more information.

What should I do if the device is broken?

Refrain from using the device and contact us / distributor / OPC technician for service.

Can my child use UNILEXA?

This will be dependent on your child's anthropometry. Contact us today for a more personalized and detailed evaluation.

I have some spasticity in my legs, can I still use this device?

Yes, as long as the user falls under a rating of 2 in the Modified Ashworths Scale (MAS), they are eligible to use the device.

My child has polio, can she still use the device?

Depending on the user's anthropometry and the severity of the condition, the user may or may not be eligible to use the device. It is recommended that a Physician assess the eligibility of the user prior to starting a program with UNILEXA. For more information please contact us today.


Do I need to follow a (regular) maintenance program? Can I do it myself?

Most of the maintenance can be completed by oneself. Maintenance information can be found within the user manual. Annual maintenance for HOME can be provided by a certified OPC technician. For more information, please contact us.

Is the device allowed to get wet?

It is recommended to avoid getting the frame, especially the medial hip joint wet.. Orthotic fittings together with the shoes can get wet but ensure to wipe with a dry cloth afterward.

Are the orthotic fittings (cuffs) washable?

Yes, both thigh and lower leg orthotic fittings  can be washed using standard home disinfection or a damp cloth with soap. Moreover, the padding can be removed and washed in the washing machine (with temperatures up to 40° C).


What is the price?

For more information on pricing, please contact us today.

Why should I add UNILEXA to my practice?

UNILEXA is the only passive exoskeleton designed to encourage active gait initiation from the users (hip), unlike many exoskeletons that only act as Passive Range of Motion mobility aid. Moreover, the device ensures stable and safe walking, a user-friendly and compact design, it is comfortable, and,  most importantly, is affordable.

I’m a rehabilitation professional interested in using UNILEXA PRIME in my rehabilitation center. Who should I contact?

Request an on-site demo (or online video-call - see our online seminar webpage) to see how MEBSTER’s UNILEXA can benefit your practice.

Is UNILEXA HOME reimbursable (by insurance providers)?

UNILEXA HOME is eligible for reimbursement under the insurance system depending on your geographical location. For more information contact us today.

How do I get an UNILEXA HOME for personal use?

Your own personal device, UNILEXA HOME, is intricately built and customized precisely for your body parameters/specification by local Orthopedic and Prosthetic technicians in your area.

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